License Plate Recognition Technology Services

Get the Full Picture with LPR Technology

Republic Parking designs license plate recognition (LPR) technology solutions for clients across North America to maximize the effectiveness of their parking and enforcement programs.

Employing only the most advanced handheld, mobile, and fixed LPR technology options available, each solution we create and deploy is shaped by the distinct needs of our clients and our own extensive enforcement experience.

LPR Capabilities

  • Capture plate characters with a time stamp and GPS coordinates, strengthening enforcement accuracy and parker compliance
  • Fully integrate with PARCS, allowing efficient enforcement of permits, time limits, and parking zones.
  • Search for scofflaw and hot list–flagged vehicles automatically as plates are read, helping to enforce compliance in one fell swoop.

The Benefits of LPR

When properly designed, installed, and optimized, LPR technology can deliver substantial financial and operational improvements such as:

Improved Accuracy

Reduced labor, supply, and permit expenses

Reduced voids

Increased scofflaw and overtime capture

Increased citation issuance

Increased revenue

LPR Workflow

1. Capture

LPR camera detects plates in field of view and automatically captures and combines multiple images into a single, accurate read.

2. Compare

LPR system compares the plates against approved lists, such as VATS, and violator lists, such as scofflaw vehicles and vehicles registered as stolen.

3. React

Instant notifications are sent to the car-mounted laptop with priority-based sound and color alerts that prompt the patroller to take action.

4. Report

The system records the data (plate number, date, time, GPS coordinates, violation type, and actions taken) for future reports, data mining, and trends analysis.

The Republic Parking Advantage

Where other companies simply buy LPR technology, Republic Parking is a licensed LPR reseller and installer, providing us with a depth of knowledge that cannot be matched by industry peers. Through this extensive experience, Republic Parking is able to provide an end-to-end parking management services as well as the post-installation support clients require to thrive.

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