Violation and Ticketing System

Violation and Ticketing System (VATS)


The VATS System provides multiple options for handheld ticketing devices. These options range from handheld devices that are designed for parking enforcement to smartphones and tablets. This allows users to choose the perfect style, features, and size for their particular needs.


The VATS System supports payments by credit card, check, cash, as well as smart cards if a part of the parking program. Customers can make payments over the phone, by mail, or on the web at

The VATS system will also track all payments and any various customizable fees including:

 Citation Fines

 Escalation Fee

 Processing Fee

 Late Fee

 Booting Fee

 Towing Fee

 Insufficient Funds Fee

 Non-Permit Fee


The VATS System provides a full set of features to manage the processing of a citation.

MCS implements the newest technology and most user-friendly interfaces to facilitate parking enforcement transactions.
Our Team and the VATS system can accommodate:

 Online Payments

 Ticket Backlogs

 SQL Database

 Easy Data Query

 Remote Hosting

 Real Time Communication

 Calls from Violators

 Printing Notices

 Mailing Notices

 Posting Payments

Customer Service

The VATS System can track customer service inquiries, complaints and suggestions. These are logged with the specific citation to assist in resolving issues quicker.

Customer’s comments range from common information inquiry, to complaints and suggestions. The VATS System can track these customer service issues to help management identify the types of service issues that are most common.

The comments are tracked all through the citation management process and are used to help the adjudication appeals process. Proper tracking helps management resolve issues before they progress to the appeals process. Citations with careless errors or with wrong information can be immediately dismissed with little customer interaction. Quick, fair dealings with the public can lead to good customer perception.


The VATS System’s adjudication and court scheduling module provides the ability to easily schedule hearings (administrative adjudication or formal court hearings); display and modify hearing schedules; and prepare hard copy citation history, supporting complaints and calendar documents.

The Process is simple and fully customizable to meet any specific rules and regulations.

Appeal Request – The citation is then flagged and is sent to pending appeals. 

Citation Review – Customers’ notes as well as any supporting documentation can be reviewed. 

Preliminary Judgement – Send an auto generated response letter via email notifying the customer of the decision. 

Appeal Hearing – If an administrative review is disputed, the VATS System allows the user to schedule and manage a hearing, as well as to generate letters notifying the appellant of the results of a hearing. 

Appeal to Court – The VATS system can be configured to support different schedules for hearing officers and court. 


The VATS System offers a Dashboard that is unique to each user’s choice of information and layout. It also provides a full statistical and financial reporting package. A large number of reports are easily exported to excel, including:

 Top 20 Violators

 Daily Reports

 Officer Reports

 Citations Issued

 Citations by Code

 Citations by Zone

 Citations Paid

 Citations Voided

 Citations Outstanding

 Citations Status

 Total Payments


MCS uses a comprehensive approach to collect on backlogged citations. We have worked with clients that have millions in unpaid citations. We have crafted the system to handle the complex and tedious tasks that are involved with collections.

Diligent enforcement, coupled with systematic letter noticing and our experience with collections, will make a significant difference for our clients financially.

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